Monday, November 1, 2010

Things You Don't Know About Nancy Martin

SinC: Is there anything you'd never leave home without?

NM: I wish! But nearly every time I leave the house, I have to go back for something I've forgotten. My mind is always somewhere else, I guess.

SinC: What do you wish you had more time for?

NM: The right answer is probably sex.

SinC: Is there anyone from the past you would like to talk to for just 15 minutes?

NM: I'd love to talk to my wild child best friend from growing up, Mary Kate, who was my writing partner starting back in the 8th grade. She was a much better writer than I was--funny and passionate and dramatic, and her eagerness to read my pages taught me how to write for an audience. She passed away suddenly a couple of years ago. I miss her wonderful, cackling laugh.

SinC: What word do you absolutely hate?

NM: There are a couple, but I can't even type them here. My mother hates the word "pus." That's pretty awful in my book, too, but at least I can type it.

SinC: Do you dream in color or black and white?

NM: Technicolor.

SinC: If the F.B.I. had to give you a new identity, what name would you choose?

NM: When I was first writing and needed a pen name, I chose a doozie, but chickened out and didn't use it. Now I would: Samantha Lovejoy.

SinC: Favorite food?

NM: Chocolate.

SinC: Favorite drink?

NM: Champagne.

SinC: Most embarrassing moment?

NM: There's a long story about my first trip to Malice and a breakfast meeting with my sophisticated New York (and new-to-me) agent, a very high-powered editor she wanted me to meet, two intimidating best-selling authors who were scary as hell. . . and me -- a somewhat awkward girl from the sticks. What I didn't realize until after the breakfast? I had forgotten to remove a giant pink curler from the back of my hair.

SinC: First job?

NM: As a teenager, I taught swimming at the YMCA to all the young guys who needed to learn to stay afloat before they could join ROTC. I had a 100% success rate. The reason why those fellows had perfect attendance and paid such close attention in class? I think it was because I was a very perky 36C in my Speedo.

SinC: Worst job?

NM: The summer I had to shovel muck out of rental cabins that had been flooded by a hurricane. You can't imagine the horrors we found in that mud.

SinC: Favorite dessert?

NM: There's a small-town frozen custard that I travel a lot of miles to enjoy now and then.

SinC: If you weren't a published author, what would you be?

NM: A theater director.

SinC: If you could be one of your characters, who would it be and why?

NM: Nora Blackbird is a lovely person who never says the wrong thing, never loses her temper, never behaves in an unkind way. Most of the time, I aspire to be her. Unfortunately, I'm probably more like Roxy Abruzzo--impulsive and brassy and not as smart as I think I am.

Nancy Martin, author of the award-winning Blackbird Sisters mysteries, recently launched the Roxy Abruzzo series with her latest offering, “Our Lady of Immaculate Deception.” You can find more things you don’t know about Nancy at

Photo courtesy of Nancy Martin.


Suzanne Arruda said...

Nancy, as always you are fabulous, witty, clever, and a treat. Thanks for sharing your talents and stories

Anonymous said...

Loved the story about the pink roller. I've ended up at places with a fabric softener sheet stuck to the back of my clothes. Now I don't feel so bad after hearing about the pink roller! :-)

Ramona said...

Great interview. But, Nora didn't come from no place, you know.

Joyce Tremel said...

Great interview, Nancy!

A pink roller is not so bad. My sister walked around with toilet paper hanging from the back of her pants.

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Nancy, you are AMAZING. And oh, the pink curler. I can't imagine it--you are so chic and confident now!

What a terrific intereview...great questions!


vp chandler said...

Thank you so much for the interview. I was a humorous way to start the day.

Nancy said...

I hope I can count on all of you to warn me when I walk out of my hotel room looking like a dope!

Ellis Vidler said...

Funny interview, Nancy. I chuckled, a nice way to start my day. Nora Blackbird is cool.