Monday, November 29, 2010

Things You Don't Know About Marcia Talley

SinC: Are you superstitious? If so—what would you absolutely not do?

MT: Yes. I wear my mother's St Christopher medal when I travel, and neither she, nor I, were/are Catholic. Wouldn't step on a plane without it!

SinC: Who’s your favorite Beatle?

MT: Sir Paul, ever since I first laid eyes on him, playing that guitar left-handed on the Ed Sullivan Show. I fell out of love with John when he hooked up with Yoko. What on earth did he see in her, anyway?

SinC: Do you have a guilty pleasure TV show?

MT: Project Runway. The ingenuity and creativity of the designers simply blows me away. I used to think that fashion design was such a glam occupation -- but it's really cut-throat, isn't it? I love Tim Gunn, too. Half college professor, half sauve New Yorker -- except that he was born and raised in Washington, DC!

SinC: If you could have anyone, I mean anyone, over for dinner, who would that be? Why? (You don’t have to cook.)

MT: Since we're fantasizing here, I'd send out to the late, lamented Thai Room on Connecticut Avenue for hot squid salad, larb and bean thread jelly mushroom – and I'd invite Agatha Christie. I'd ply her with wine and get the REAL story of her 11-day disappearance in December 1926.

SinC: What’s your biggest fault?

MT: I procrastinate. So many things need to be done each morning before I can start writing. Coffee, email, Facebook ... I wish I were more disciplined – get up at 6, write until 9 and then spend the rest of the day having a life. But do I ever learn? Nooooh!

Marcia Talley is the Agatha and Anthony award-winning author of the Hannah Ives mystery series including Without a Grave and her latest, All Things Undying. She is immediate past president of Sisters in Crime. You can learn more about her at

Photo by Ron Belanger.


Msmstry said...

I knew you for YEARS and YEARS without knowing you were vegetarian! And I kept plying you with Eastern North Carolina BBQ. Oops!

The Editor Devil said...

What a lady! And I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation with Agatha Christie re: her absence....hmmm, I smell a book idea?

Best of luck to you and yours :)

Marcia Talley said...

Molly, no fears! I cheat on occasion. Thanksgiving turkey (but it has to be hormone and antibiotic free), Chinese dumplings, the occasional bacon sandwich made with toasted homemade bread, NC BBQ ... [moaning with pleasure]