Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Turning Over The Great Seal

Just about a year ago, far, far away in Anchorage, Alaska (and well before anyone had heard much about Sarah Palin), I accepted the great seal of office and stepped into the role of president of Sisters in Crime. The story goes that there was a real seal which got lost in transit between one outgoing and one incoming president some years ago. And so the seal was replaced with a stuffed animal who now makes the rounds. Each outgoing president adds a keychain to the seal’s collar to represent her state. I packed the seal early so I wouldn’t forget to take her. This picture captures all the bittersweetness of the moment! Doesn’t she look a little sad? I’m a little sad too, but also excited to get back to writing hard. And pleased to be turning the reins over to Judy Clemens and a wonderful board of directors.

The publishing world is in a grand state of flux because of the economy, advances in technology, and the sheer numbers of books being written and marketed. It’s good to have knowledgeable friends on this journey and Sisters in Crime has definitely served that purpose for me. We’ll see you in Baltimore or online!
Roberta Isleib
Sisters In Crime