Friday, November 26, 2010

Buy Indie, Pass It On

Mystery Loves Company
Oxford, Maryland

Sisters in Crime member Dana Stabenow led the cybercharge today on her blog to “buy one book from an independent bookseller” and spread the word about what you bought and where you bought it.

As Dana says, the big digital and brick-and-mortar bookstores are great, but if everyone buys one book from an indie today, those stores have a much greater chance of being with us next year.

Here at the SinC Blog, we’re glad to join the “buy a book from an indie today” chorus. And we’d love to hear what you bought and where you bought it – and anything else you want to tell us about your favorite indie. We love to talk about indies and we know that you do, too.

SinC president Cathy Pickens started off her holiday season with a stop at Park Road Books in Charlotte, N.C., where she picked up “Lie After Lie” by Lara Bricker and “Operation Dark Heart” by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer.

I began my own gift shopping with Mystery Loves Company, based in Oxford, Md., and the purchase of “The Penguin Who Knew Too Much” by Donna Andrews and “Dame Agatha’s Shorts” by Elena Santangelo.

After finding out about Cathy’s selections, though, I’m thinking I just may have to call Park Road Books or Mystery Loves Company for a copy of “Lie After Lie.” It sounds interesting.

See how this works?

It doesn’t matter what day you read this blog entry; we hope you’ll buy one book from an indie and tell us about it. Although, be warned, no one that we know has been able so far to limit themselves to a single book purchase (including Dana).

And, if you need help in finding an indie, go to where you’ll find a search engine that can locate an independent bookseller in your area.

So, tell us: what did you buy from an indie today?

By Kathie Felix


Ramona said...

Kathie, I visited Mystery Loves Company for the first time last winter, after the Eastern Shore Writers Conference. It's a great store! Thanks for the reminder, and the message--will do.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I went to Reader's Cove in Fort Collins, Colorado, to buy Christmas books for grand-niece and -nephews. Came away with "Rockwell: A Boy and His Dog" by Loren Spiotta-DiMare, "Access Denied" by Denise Vega, and "Dodger and Me" by Jordan Sonnenblick. Now must hurry and read them before wrapping and mailing.

Anonymous said...

I bought "A Novel Bookstore" by Laurence Cosse at BookPeople in Austin, Texas. Both of my critique groups meet weekly in the BP coffee shop, and the store has generously allows my writing practice group to use its meeting room twice a month. "Mystery People," a "store within a store" is one of its newest features.

Anonymous said...

Delete the "has" before the "generously," above, for a sentence that makes sense. :-)

Leslie Budewitz said...

I bought my husband a present: Around My French Table, by Dorrie Greenspan, at Fact & Fiction in Missoula, MT. A couple of years ago, F&F formed a partnership with the University [of MT] Bookstore and is now partially owned by the Univ Bookstore, as part of a strategy to deal with challenges to indies and with the long-time owner's approaching retirement. it seems to be working well: the store was bustling yesterday, despite the cold and snow.

Marcia Talley said...

I bought books, puzzles and mugs from Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Oakmont, PA and they've already arrived! On Saturday, I'll be signing in Oxford, MD at Mystery Loves Company and buying books there, too. A friend writes me from Atlanta that he used my link to Indiebound to find a local bookstore where he bought two complete sets of my Hannah Ives novels (!) using the $25 discount that American Express offered on Saturday to members who patronized small businesses. I'm hoping this whole Buy Indie idea is going viral!

Linda Leszczuk said...

Sadly, my favorite indie was bought out by one of the big guys. They left the name the same but everything that made it special is gone. {sigh}

Kathy Harig said...

Thanks for the kind words about our store. Please also include a link to the Independent Mystery Booksellers Asssociation (IMBA) website.
Many of the smaller stores can't afford ABA (IndieBound) membership.
When you buy local and independent your money stays in the local economy and we all benefit. Thanks for your support for indies. Kathy Harig - Mystery Loves Company