Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SinC Plans Web Technology Update

By Beth Wasson

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of representing Sisters in Crime at an Affiniscape conference in Austin, Texas.

Affiniscape is the company that handles SinC's secured member data, sends out our e-blasts and hosts our custom search features on

The 10-year-old organization has 1,200 clients located throughout the U.S. The company handles data for bankers, veterinarians, pharmacists -- and mystery lovers and writers (although I'm betting we're the only crime writers' association on their client list).

My four days in Austin were filled with lectures and individual training -- a huge amount of practical information that I've brought back to my work at Sisters in Crime.

The biggest news from my trip: you'll be seeing a few new online features in 2011, including increased website speed and some new interface upgrades.

Trust me, the presentation on the company's upgraded hardware was tedious, but the bottom line was the good news of the increased hosting speed.

Of more interest to all of us, will move to a new platform within Affiniscape this summer. The change will be seamless and unseen by members.

One result of the shift will be an opportunity for member profiles in a new attractive format, somewhat like a page from a school yearbook. A member name, picture and book titles all will appear on one page. This will give our authors an attractive "face" to present to the book-buying and reading world during searches of the Sisters in Crime custom online databases.

My trip to Austin had me thinking about the fact that it is an honor and a joy to represent Sisters in Crime. This led me to think about the many others representing our organization in a variety of venues.

Recently, a number of SinC members have been working in support of the organization, including:

Pat Remick and members of the New England chapter -- working on Crime Bake

Katy King and members of the Harriet Vane Chapter -- working on the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association annual conference

Dana Fredsti and members of the Northern California Chapter -- working on the great hospitality room at Bouchercon and the Sisters in Crime reception at Bouchercon.

Here's to all who worked hard for Sisters in Crime in 2010! Thank you for your efforts!

Beth Wasson is the Executive Secretary of Sisters in Crime/national.


E. B. Davis said...

Thanks for your hard work, Beth. I can imagine just how tedious the conference was for a mystery writer. No mysteries to solve except for how data is organized and expedited, important for an expanding organization. Thanks for giving your time.

Msmstry said...

The enhancements to our system sound great, Beth. I look forward to seeing the individual pages. Thanks for the update.

Barbara said...

Great news!