Friday, December 31, 2010

Breaking & Entering

One of the many benefits of Sisters in Crime membership is members-only access to publications written specifically for mystery and crime fiction writers.

This year, SinC produced the third edition of Breaking & Entering: The Road to Success, a writers’ handbook compiled and edited by L. C. Hayden. The 137-page book features 27 pieces that offer a practical look at the journey to publication.

The entries include:

A look at author preparation for career success by Radine Trees Nehring

A discussion of the value of critique groups by William Kent Krueger

A meditation on tenacity by Maryann Miller

Cartoons by Debra C. Thomas on plot solutions and rejection recovery

Thoughts on rejection by Lynda Fitzgerald

“How to Get Organized” by Kaye George

“Wondering About Websites” by Peggy Ehrhart

Tips on introducing yourself to the writing community by Sheila Connolly

“Standalone vs. Series” by Carolyn Hart

“Series or Standalone” by Margaret Maron

“Publishing Options” by Cathy Pickens with contributions by Patricia E. Canterbury and Marja McGraw

An examination of the young adult mystery market by Gay Toltl Kinman

“Using Short Stories to Break Into the Mystery Field” by Toni L.P. Kelner

“Getting the Most Out of a Conference” by Kelly Nichols/P.J. Parrish

“Submitting Can Be Murder: Strategies for Survival” by Chris Roerden

“A Little Note on Copyright” by Cathy Pickens

“Formatting Manuscripts: Why Bother? And How to Do It Right” by Donna Andrews

“Making Your Mystery Stand Out: Advice from an Agent’s Chair” by Ellen Geiger

“How to be a Dream Author: What Are Editors and Publishers Looking For?” by Toni Plummer

“Agents Are Human” by Cynthia Riggs

“The Agent Search” by Joyce Tremel

“The Query Process” by Kendel Flaum

“The Perils of Publication: How a Debut Author Can Avoid Making a Fool of Herself” by Sandra Parshall

“Reinventing Yourself” by Elaine Viets

“Breaking and Entering: Television” by Lee Goldberg

A trade paper edition of the book is available directly from Sisters in Crime for $14.99 ($11.99 plus $3.00 postage and handling).

In addition, a trade paper ($11.99) and electronic ($1.99) edition are available at via a direct link from the SinC website. Access through this link is required -- the publication is available only to Sisters in Crime members.

For ordering instructions, see the SinC website. Go to, select Resources, then select Publications.


Msmstry said...

Folks, if you search for BREAKING AND ENTERING on, it doesn't work. You must use the link on the SinC website. (Of course, you MAY be able to copy the link and paste it directly into your browser, but that's going around your elbow…)

I just downloaded B&E in electronic version for my iPad.


Kathie Felix said...

Thanks for pointing this out, Molly! In response to your comment, I added some clarification in today's blog entry.

The editions are only available via a direct link from the SinC website. Access through this link is required -- the publication is available only to Sisters in Crime members.