Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shopping Guide to Indie Mystery Booksellers

By Kathie Felix

The Independent Mystery Booksellers Association (IMBA) offers an online treasure trove for mystery book shoppers at www.mysterybooksellers.com.

The Association’s web-based gift-finding tools include features that pinpoint the location of independent mystery booksellers, suggest the perfect gift for a mystery fan, offer bestseller lists by member store and provide links to authors who support the IMBA.

The site's interactive bookseller map includes contact and driving information for independent member booksellers in the U.S. and farther north – from Murder on the Beach in Delray Beach, Fl. to Whodunit New & Used Mystery Books & More in Winnipeg, Canada.

The gift guide provides store links to a range of possible presents on the mystery-related side, as well as some intriguing altruistic possibilities. You could help offset the environmental impact of a mystery reading addiction by funding a tree planting for a book lover (10 trees are priced at $10). Or, you might consider matching your book purchases by giving a book to a child in a developing country (5 native language books are priced at $25).

The mystery-themed gifts include “Another Month, Another Mystery” (a mystery mailed each month, targeted by type or style), games and puzzles, signed books, gift baskets and themed mugs, bags, clothing and more.

After browsing a while at mysterybooksellers.com, you could create a gift list that would make Santa proud.

And, while we’re talking gifts, what do you recommend this holiday season for a mystery/crime fiction reader?


Msmstry said...

One of my favorite gifts to readers this year is a small wire-like, folding book stand. It's great for holding books on the table while reading (who doesn't love a chance for lunch alone with a good mystery?). I keep one in the pocket behind the driver's seat in my car. Always handy to pull out when I lunch alone.

I've also found that a good way to convert folks to mysteries is to choose one that features their profession or hobby. I always try to fit the right mystery with the reader.

Another gift to my favorite Indie has been volunteering to gift wrap on Christmas Eve. That means, I'm always available to suggest a mystery to the glossy-eyed customer who has to get a last-minute gift!

Kathie Felix said...

It's lunch time and I'm wishing I had one of those folding book stands to try out!

Thanks for the great ideas!

Cathy Pickens said...

A bookstore gift certificate with a list suggesting new books they might like. That gives them the pleasure of making their own choices (and not having to return anything!) but maybe alerts them to some new books.