Friday, September 24, 2010

What Are You Reading?

Sisters in Crime consists of authors, librarians and booksellers and mystery READERS.  (In fact, we're all readers.)  A few of us have compared notes.  We hope you'll take a look and then share what you're currently reading.

Nancy Martin:  I just finished the new Susan Isaacs AS HUSBANDS GO, a murder mystery with snappy dialogue and a peek into upscale suburban life on Long Island. The wife wants to know why her devoted plastic surgeon husband was murdered by--good heavens!---a hooker. Isaacs is always entertaining.

And I'm reading STILL MISSING by newcomer Chevy Stevens, a harrowing story of a woman who is kidnapped and held captive by a man she calls The Freak. My review: OMG.

Mary Jane Maffini:  If summer must end, I suppose I’ll survive because of the crop of books that has bloomed in my ‘to be read’ piles around the house, each one near a prime reading spot. My bedtime book is THE LONG QUICHE GOODBYE by Avery Aames. So far this is a delicious and cozy. Great fun so far.  Meanwhile, down in the living room, I am rereading THE MARX SISTERS, a 1994 book by Barry Maitland. I rarely reread, but this is a chance to see DS Kathy Kolla meet her famous supervisor DCI David Brock for the first time. Although the books have become darker and edgier over time, this remains one of my favorite police procedural series.

Ellery Adams:  I'm reading Catching Fire, the second book in The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Though classified as Young Adult fiction, I'd be wary of letting younger kids read the arena-style gladiator-type killings, but I'm fine with it! For me, it was the voice of the heroine (Katniss) that lured me into the first book and has kept me coming back for more. I will read Mockingjay next and then The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.

Paige Shelton:  Just started BRIGHT OF THE SKY (Book One of The Entire and the Rose) by Kay Kenyon. Don’t usually like science fiction, but got this one by accident. Not just a bunch of tech-talk. Good characters, good story. 

And from  a couple of the SinC Blog Army Soldiers: 

Norma Huss:  I'm reading Rhys Bowen's FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE, a murder mystery set in 1904, that, besides murder, reveals sweatshop working conditions for immigrant girls in the garment industry. Third of a series I just discovered.  I just finished Sandra Brown's SMASH CUT, a thriller among the privileged wealthy with a ticking clock ending. My review. Hold on to your hats!

And just to prove that great minds think alike:

C.L. Phillips:  I'm reading Suzanne Collins trilogy HUNGER GAMES, CATCHING FIRE, and MOCKINGJAY.  I recommend reading all three back-to-back, after you've sent your husband and children out of the house for the weekend.  Have your meals delivered, and don't answer the phone.  You'll fall into a spell you won't want to leave.   Katniss could take Lord Voldermort any day.

And what are YOU reading?


Sandy Cody said...

I just finished Louise Penny's "The Cruelest Month" - always love her books. Next on the agenda is P. D. James's "Talking About Detective Fiction."

Sue Curran said...

I'm reading Hunting For Hemingway by Diane Gilbert Madsen, one of our own sisters. It's quick-witted, fast-paced far. I'm relishing it like a glass of fine wine.

Patg said...

I'm reading The Phantom of Pemberley by Regina Jeffers and Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann. I've also started Stone's Fall by Ian Pears.
I rarely sit down and read one book through, but I did when I got my hands on The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest.

JM Reinbold said...

I am reading Acid Row by Minette Walters. British crime is my favorite reading.

L.M. Quinn... said...

Just finished a great mystery by Tyler Dilts, "The King of Infinite Space."

Beth Groundwater said...

I just finished reading William Kent Krueger's COPPER RIVER, and next on my list is Louise Penny's STILL LIFE. I read the second book in that series and loved it, so I'm going back to read the first, then will work my way forward in both series.

Nancy A. said...

I just finished Tana French's The Likeness. I was blown away! It's absolutely wonderful. I'm going to rush out to get her next one.

Nancy Adams

Betty said...

Nice selection of books! I really enjoy seeing what others are reading. I just started one that's called "Soul Mate" (author Ronald Lewis Weaver). It's a fictional romance book about a student-teacher relationship. Here's to weekends and lots of reading!

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading John Hart's THE LAST CHILD, FAITHFUL PLACE by Tana French, and THE LAST QUICHE GOOD-BYE by Avery Aames. All great books!

Marilyn Levinson said...

I've just finished reading John Hurt's THE LAST CHILD, Tana French's FAITHFUL PLACE, and Avery Ames' THE LONG QUICHE GOOD-BYE -- all wonderful books!

Susan M. Boyer said...

I'm currently reading Lynn Kostoff's Late Rain, about an Alzheimer's patient who witnesses a murder. (This is a Tyrus Books title, the first I've read, and if it's an indication of the quality, I'll be reading many more of their titles.) It's excellent. Next up is Carl Hiaasen's latest, Star Island.

Ellis Vidler said...

Just started Barbara Monajem's SUNRISE IN A GARDEN OF LOVE AND EVIL. It's off to a fun start with a charming protagonist, Ophelia Beliveau, a vampire who's having trouble keeping her fangs in her mouth.

Clea Simon said...

I've just dived into the latest Colin Cotterill Dr. Siri mystery: "Love Songs from a Shallow Grave." I will be writing a joint review of the upcoming John Lawton/John LeCarré espionage books and needed a break before I dived back into these.