Saturday, September 25, 2010

Special for readers (and remember, writers are readers, too)

Out of all the various kinds (cozy, thriller, paranormal, noir, suspense, something different every time, a mix of which ones, anything else) what kind of mysteries do you like to read?


evleroux said...

I've just finished a number of Kay Hooper books. They deal with the paranormal. Actually an F.B.I. special investigative unit. The agents in this unit all have paranormal abilities. However, I read all the different types of mysteries. Cozy, detective, paranormal, sci-fi, hard-boiled and anything in-between.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon books. Anna is a national parks service ranger and the books are high on action and EMT insider stuff.

Also a big fan of Kate Atkinson, who wrote Case Histories, sort of a literary mystery. Along those lines, I think Erin Hart, author of False Mermaids, really provides complex characters and rich environments with a lot of psychological nuance.

Libby Fischer Hellman is a great noire writer and I admire her plotting ability and her down-to-earth characters. Gritty ones, too, who will break your heart.