Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More essential sites for writers

By Joyce Tremel

We promised you another installment of writing sites and here it is. This one contains more of the "nuts and bolts" for writers.

If you don't see your favorites listed here, feel free to share them in the comments!

The Graveyard Shift:   “There are no perfect crimes, only imperfect investigations.” Former detective Lee Lofland instructs crime fiction authors on the realities of police work.

Grammar Girl:  Most of us can use a grammar refresher once in awhile.

Publisher’s Weekly:  The latest info on the publishing biz.

Publisher’s Marketplace:  Even the free part of this site has lots of info about publishing, agents, editors, etc.

Query Shark:  Writers can submit their query letter here for critique. Literary agent Janet Reid educates writers on what works and what doesn’t in a query.

Agent Query:  One of the sites where you can search for agents.

Query Tracker: You can track your queries and submissions here in addition to searching for agents.

Preditors and Editors:  Check this site before you submit.

Absolute Write:  Another site to check before you submit.

Novelists, Inc——Site for multi-published authors.

Writer Beware blog:  This blog posts warnings about unscrupulous practices and scammers. An affiliated website is

Mystery Writers of America:  Organization for mystery writers. Presenter of the yearly prestigious Edgar Awards.

And last, but certainly not least—

Sisters in Crime:  Our very own website.

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Dana Stabenow said...

I would add, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers website.