Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Saturday Your-Turn Forum


What Do You Want To See On This Blog?

We're still in the process of revamping the Sister In Crime blog, and the Sinc Blog Army* wants to know what you'd like to see on the SinC into the depths of Mystery blog and if you like the changes that have been made in the past couple of months?

Would you like to see more of the following?

A Sister (or Brother) in Crime author? Name one (or more).

Your favorite (or maybe less favorite) writing hint?

Publicity or promotions that have worked for you? (Or didn’t work!)

Interesting websites, or any social media?

Anything else?

Send us a message in the Comments section. We’ll do our best to find the answers you might want, the authors you want to read about, and a few new tricks you’d like to try.

Our blog will continue to promote the Sisters in Crime strategic plan. This includes

1. Advocacy, monitoring, and reporting,

2. Professional education and career development, and

3. Membership growth, networking, and forums for members.

* Just who is the SinC Blog Army? The people in the background who keep this blog rolling by trolling for content, contacting authors about writing for the blog, and putting articles together for your information and enjoyment.

We are:
Janet Bolin
Jessie Crockett
Julie Hennrikus
Norma Huss
Linda Lovely
C.L. Phillips
Terri Ponce
Joyce Tremel
and our SinC Blog Promoter, Polly Iyer

We're still looking for volunteers, too. If you'd like to help, please contact Lorraine Bartlett at -- thanks!


Gwen Mayo said...

You are all doing a great job with the blog. It has taken on new life since this team came together. Keep it up.

Judy Alter said...

I found the blogs on e-book publishing really helpful and would like more. Such as, how do you get the word out about an e-book? Facebook? Twitter? Blog?

PamelaSueJames said...

Iwould like to see more author interviews as I always learn so much from our authors. I would love to know about some authors who are no longer writing series and what they are writing now?

Susan Schreyer said...

Would you consider doing a once a month list of newly released books by SinC members? I like to keep up with what other members are publishing and support them, but depending on catching announcements on the SinC blog or Guppies is a bit haphazard. It'd be nice if each release had a one sentence log line too. Then it would be easy for me to tell all my non writing friends about books they might like to read.

HSS said...

Love the blog. I'd like more writing tips especially how to write when you still can't quit your day job and that all sagging middle, no not that one, the one in my writing!!

Anything on non-NY publishers such as e-book publishing and how to promote sales.