Monday, March 21, 2011

SinC Launches Updated Website

Sisters in Crime continues the celebration of its 25th year anniversary with an update to its website,

The site features a Home page redesign that offers a more welcoming landing page with a number of new additions.

If the page seems a bit wider, you're not seeing things. We've expanded to the right and the left, in the areas formerly used as wide side margins.

We've moved the World Cat search engine for author, title or subject searches to the top of the SinC home page.

And we've added a new marketing "banner" -- or box -- focusing on the latest SinC programs of emphasis, such as:

  • The American Library Association’s Library Champions program in support of America’s libraries.
  • The Sisters in Crime We Love Libraries! book-fund give-away.
  • The latest SinC professional development tools including Shameless Promotion for Brazen Hussies, an updated edition of the 154-page book currently available to members only.
  • Member announcements, such as meeting notices and dues reminders.
Currently, the marketing banner focuses only on the We Love Libraries! lottery. You’ll see the box's revolving dissolves in action as we load more content to the site this week.

In addition, the SinC site now features a streamlined and upgraded Recent News section. You’ll also find easier-to-access links to SinC on Facebook, Twitter and the Sisters in Crime blog. In addition, a “Latest from the Blog” box provides links to the four most recent blog entries for a quick click-through.

And, finally, the Home page offers a Quick Links box for easy access to:

  • Our Mission
  • Join SinC Today
  • Renew Your Membership
  • SinC Chapters
  • Recent News
  • SinC Authors
  • Join the National Listserv
  • Membership Profile
  • Membership Directory
  • Contact SinC

  • Media Contact

    You can help our efforts to update the Sisters in Crime website by forwarding your best photos of your chapter in action for inclusion on In addition, some of your shots may be used for the inSinC quarterly bulletin and the Sisters in Crime blog. If you’ve got a photo you’d like to share, please send it to KathieFelix[at] Include a brief caption and the name of the photographer for a photo credit.

    SinC into a great mystery!


Lindsay said...

I think the new website is really great. So much easier to see what you want.

Sandra Parshall said...

The new quick links are much appreciated!