Friday, March 4, 2011

SinC into Cyberspace: Re-launching the Internet Chapter

By Nan Harrington

Internet chapter? I didn’t even know we had an internet chapter! And, for that matter, why do we even need such a chapter?

Sisters in Crime does indeed have an internet chapter and it fulfills many vital purposes that no local chapter can achieve. The internet chapter exists to offer support, information, activities, interviews, resources, and interaction for all those who live where there are no local chapters; for those who are unable to attend because of illness or bad weather (remember this past February?!); or for members of local SinC chapters who want a “SinC supplement” between their local chapter meetings.

After nearly “closing our doors” in November, we realized that we offer crucial services that are valuable and unique to our SinC community.

As I live most of the time in Cuernavaca, Mexico where, needless to say, there are no local chapters even remotely close, having a cyber-community is of utmost importance to me. But, one doesn’t need to live in Outer Mongolia to choose to become a member of the internet chapter! We exist for some, not as a replacement for their local chapter, but as an addition to it.

In the next few months, we will launch our “new-and-improved” web site. We plan to include: guest interviews (authors, agents, editors, experts, booksellers); monthly member profiles; critique groups; guest blogs; weekly activities and tips; “soon-to-be-published” books by our members; a calendar of upcoming events, contests, retreats; a resource library; links to booksellers; and most importantly… information on how to join!

Now comes the Audacious Appeal for Aid! Anyone who has launched a new chapter, assumed the presidency of a local chapter, or revamped the format of their current chapter is well aware of the initial – and often quite daunting – impediments to dazzling success. We do need your help. Please consider offering yourself as a potential interviewee, blogger, expert, or participant for our internet chapter!

Since we exist in cyberspace, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to render assistance and encouragement! I should have mentioned that in addition to being audacious, this call for support is quite blatant. But truly needed!

My email address is: nan.harrington[at]
Our “in-process” web site will be:

Nan Harrington, President of the Internet Chapter of Sisters in Crime, is a 5th generation Texan, a retired university professor, a wanna-be crime writer (her new passion!), and an inveterate traveler. She lives in Dallas and Cuernavaca, Mexico.


Msmstry said...

Nan, count me in! I find it increasingly hard to go to meetings, but I'm on the computer every day.

Anne K. Albert said...

I certainly don't live in Mexico, but I do live in the middle of nowhere, and attending meetings is not even an option. However, I thank the powers that be for the internet. It keeps readers and writers in touch with the rest of world!

She Wrote said...

Include me. I live in Eddington, Maine. Closest chapter is not in this state - don't know where it is actually. I'm on the computer every day but Tuesday, when I'm at my writers group.
G. Fairbanks

EngridE said...

Please count me in, new bionic hip and physical therapy make it impossible to drive for a while. I'm available on the computer - every day. It would be a great help to connect online.

Nan said...

Thanks to each one of you for your comments... and welcome to the Internet community!
I'm looking forward to connecting with you all!

Anonymous said...

Good news. Had just 'given up' since there is no chapter anywhere near my small town or Little Rock (I'm surprised at that, we have Charlain Harris, Joan Hess and many writers here.) We will have a digest to talk to each other won't we - I've really missed that. :-)
I look forward to hearing more.
Jackie Griffey

Kit Sloane said...

As with so many others, we who live "elsewhere" and have no chapters to join, the SinC internet chapter has been a lifeline to networking and just generally hearing about what's going on. I was a member forever of the original one and really miss it.

Thanks for the startup and count me in as an active member.


Eileen said...

Count me in, too. I'm in the cornfields of central Illinois, which for some reason has zillions of sci-fi writers, but few mystery folks. Looking at bilateral knee surgery in a few weeks, so will be pretty much limited to the computer and pleased to know there's someone out there . . .

R. Barri said...

I have been a member of the SinC Internet Chapter for a number of years now and welcome any changes that can improve.


R. Barri Flowers

Mary Montanye said...

Would love to be a part of this cybercommunity and help in any way I can.

Karen E. Rigley said...

An Internet chapter is important to me--since we don't have a chapter in my state & I love SINC.

Anonymous said...

Just joined the Internet Chapter recently and would be happy to help.