Monday, February 14, 2011

Shameless Plug for "Shameless Promotion for Brazen Hussies"

By Roberta Isleib

Everyone knows that the days of typing “The End” on the last page of a manuscript and then turning it over for the publisher to sell are over. Every author is expected to participate in promotion. But what kind of promotion? And how much time and money should a writer spend? What do the publishers expect? How can a writer promote herself without appearing overbearing or unprofessional? And what works best in a business that’s changing so quickly even the publishers’ minds are boggled?

Luckily for all of us, the newly revised version of Sisters in Crime's Shameless Promotion for Brazen Hussies is being released today. In its pages, 28 talented, generous, and multi-published women share their expertise and experiences on the subject of book promotion. The material covers book tours, bookstore visits, library events, blogs, group blogs, blog tours, television, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, website development, e-book marketing, and more. You’ll find a little of everything here. If one kind of promotion doesn’t suit your personality or your budget, another should.

In addition to these essays, SinC president Cathy Pickens talks about the 2010 Publishers Summit and offers tips for using the technology tools discovered on that trip. And Triss Stein reviews the results of the SinC/Bowker Pubtrack survey on mystery readers’ buying habits, "The Mystery Book Consumer in the Digital Age," which was commissioned by the Sisters in Crime Board of Directors in 2010.

Thanks to all of the SinC members who contributed their experience and ideas, and to Marcia Talley, immediate past president of Sisters in Crime, who managed the formatting and publishing.

The book is available at this time to SinC members only in two editions, trade paperback ($11.99) and e-book ($1.99). If you are already logged on to the members-only area of the SinC website on this computer, you can order your copy here:

Paperback version


You may also order the book by going to, clicking on Resources and clicking on Publications. This will lead you to the "Shameless Hussies" order screen.

Clinical psychologist Roberta Isleib, the author of eight mysteries, is a past president of Sisters in Crime. Her newest book, A Taste for Murder (NAL), featuring a Key West food critic, will debut in 2012, written as Lucy Burdette.


Vicki Lane said...

Looking forward to reading it!

Edith said...

The link to Lulu isn't a link, and when I search Lulu for the book, it doesn't find it. I'd like to order it!


Kathie Felix said...

Thanks for your comment.
The links to Lulu should be live now. A tip: any time you run into a "cold" link, you can copy it and paste it into your browser.
The book won't turn up on Lulu in a general search because it's available only through SinC.

Tyra Masters-Heinrichs said...

Can I order the book through my local independent bookstore?