Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Benefits of a Library Card

By Kathie Felix

I heard a story this week about the unexpected power of a library card.

During a fierce winter storm in northern Virginia, a library patron found herself locked out of her car after the library closed. She was offered a ride home to pick up a second set of keys, as well as a return ride to her car.

A month later, she received a phone call that her keys were being held for her at a library -- but not at the library where her car had been parked.

The call gave her two mysteries to solve. The first was resolved rapidly. The library was able to locate her because of the library card tag on her key chain.

The second mystery was a bit tougher. Eventually, it was discovered that the local snow plow patrol had moved mountains of snow around town. Her keys were found in a gutter in front of a church. The library card tag led to the return of the keys to the nearest library.

Do you have a library card on your key ring?

And do you have any stories about the power of a library card?


Kat said...

I do have a library card on my key ring. No stories, other than the fact that I keep trying to use it at CVS instead of my CVS rewards card!

Mary Ingmire said...

I have key tags from 2 libraries. They come in handy when traveling and I run out of reading material. I just download another book.

Leslie Budewitz said...

In the pre-9/11 days of airport security, on his way from NYC back to Kalispell, MT, my husband was asked for two forms of government ID before boarding a plane. He produced his driver's license and his passport. Alas, the DL had expired, and the ticket agent rejected it. He produced his library card. Success!

Hannah Dennison said...

What a great story! Yes! I carry my library card all the time, too.

Lindsay said...

I don't have a library card. Heck, I don't even know where it is in my town. I've tried to find it but get lost.
Then again being a guy I don't ask directions.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay - call the library. They'll give you directions. I'm a librarian, and people ask that question all the time. Even via cell phone, on their way to us!