Thursday, August 12, 2010

Zooming With Twitter

by Julie Hennrikus

This past April, Krista Davis provided a great service—a two part Twitter lesson on the Cozy Chicks blog. (Read part one here and part two here). She is also part of a Guppies team encouraging Twitter use by hosting Friday tweetups. Lists Krista has created on her Twitter page (like this list of writers) help Guppies (and others) jump in and find people to follow.

All of this helps get people started. But for many the question remains: why?

Krista Davis: Lots of reasons!

·         Twitter has the ability to reach more people than any other single promotional idea outside of extremely expensive TV or radio advertising.

·         It's free, which makes it affordable for everyone.

·         Unlike other social media, there's little expectation of interaction.

·         Tweets must be 140 characters or less, so it's not time-consuming.

·         Authors can target audiences and readers through the use of hashtags.

·         A lot of social media churns in the same circles of writers. Twitter zooms outside of those circles and reaches a broader audience.

Question: You intersect foodies and mystery readers with your tweets and your blogs (especially Do you feel that the cross promotion helps grow your followers? And is that helpful?

KD: Absolutely. Branding is key to marketing mysteries these days. In my case, I don't have to look far to see the explosion of interest in food. When Julia Child had her show, no one would have ever expected that we would see an entire TV network devoted to food. Not all the people following Top Chef and Food Network are fascinated by mysteries, but there is a group where the interest in food intersects with enjoyment of mysteries -- that's my audience!

What is your most interesting RT*?

I once re-tweeted a tweet about storing a severed body part in the crisper of the refrigerator. We were having a Guppy chat on Twitter when I saw it, and I thought it was hilarious. That tweet was retweeted all over!

*An RT, or retweet, is a way of repeating someone else’s tweet to your followers. And it may get retweeted to others. And so on, and so on.
National Bestselling author Krista Davis writes the Domestic Diva Mystery series for Berkley Prime Crime.  Her most recent release is The Diva Paints the Town.  The Diva Cooks A Goose will be in bookstores in December.  Learn more about Krista's books at her web site  and visit her on Saturdays at  the Mystery Lovers Kitchen blog , where she blogs on Saturdays. Follow her on Twitter at @KristaDavis.  She promises to follow you back!

J.A. Hennrikus is a Guppy and on the board of the NE Chapter of Sisters in Crime.


Clea Simon said...

I've connected with some interesting people and been directed toward interesting articles (people often use tinyurl to shrink links) through twitter. And there have been great discussions, too, for those who "follow" (use the search function) for what they call "hashtag" discussion topics - like #dearpublisher and #womeninpublishing.
Maybe we should all list our Twitter names - I'm

Julie Hennrikus said...

Clea, I agree. I learn something new every day on Twitter. And I love Krista's image of zooming outside of the same circles. Participating in these discussions (or one on, say, projectrunway during the show)tends to bring in a whole new crop of followers. @cozytwitt

MaxWriter said...

Thanks for sharing, Krista. Today I figured out how post my tweet as my facebook status. If you sign up for facebook's Selective Tweets app, you can add #fb to the end of your tweet and it will show up as your facebook status. It's selective, so you choose which tweets you want to also show over on facebook. I tested it and it worked!

I'm @edithmaxwell

Joyce said...

I'm fairly new to Twitter, but I love it!


Susan M. Boyer said...

Krista, you are the Twitter Queen! Thanks s much for all you've done to bring the rest of us up to speed!