Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Dame Agatha

By C.L. Phillips

Did you ever forget a dear friends birthday, only to discover after the fact that it was a big one? A birthday that ended in a "zero"? One of my favorite authors, Agatha Christie celebrated her 120th birthday on September 15. Well, perhaps celebrated isn't exactly the right word, after all, Dame Christie passed away in 1976. She published over a hundred books, and her 1952 play Mousetrap is still on stage in the West End in London.

What I find most delightful about Agatha Christie is that now, thirty-four years after her death, her work is being adapted for graphic novels. Harper Collins started the adaptations in 2006, and nineteen of her novels have been issued in this form. As a collector of Tintin and Asterix stories, I look forward to tracking down one of Agatha Christie's mysteries.

In honor of her birthday, the BBC released a web-based archive. The archive contains audio interviews dating back to 1955. Listen as she explains how she became a novelist.

Belated well-wishers can still celebrate with her favorite cake, Delicious Death. You can find the recipe here. The recipe was inspired by a Miss Marple mystery, A Murder is Announced.

Her web site is filled with interesting content. Be sure to check out the blog for stories from her grandson. Could you imagine sitting around the fire, trying to guess "who-dun-it" with your grandmother, Agatha? The entire site is so entertaining, I'm kicking myself for not finding it until now.

And although I missed the big 120th birthday festival, the English Riveria beckons to me. This web site offers advice on sites, lodging, and activities. I can dream of a mystery writers conference in Torquay, can't I?

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Marcia Talley said...

And there's an annual Agatha Christie festival in Torquay each September. One year, I plan to go to the famous food festival in Ludlow, Shropshire, then waddle down to Devon to visit Agatha. Check out the events at:

Too wonderful for words!