Saturday, January 2, 2010

Write Like A Man?

Is the key to literary success to be or write like a man? That's the subject of a recent article in the Washington Post by Julianna Baggot. Check it out here.

Let us know what YOU think.


Michele Emrath said...

Interesting and very true. I am guilty of such prejudice. I have only recently become a reader of female mystery writers - but still mostly with male protagonists! I will honestly say I prefer hard-hitting plots and characters. But I do love good writing as well. I shy away from the James Pattersons and Clive Cusslers (though they hold special places in my heart for their role in my reading development) because of the shallowness of their style. Neither am I a fan of the Kay Scarpetta novels - I just don't find Cornwell's writing interesting or her main character that intriguing. But I love Louise Penny and Chelsea Cain. I hope I just love good books, regardless of the gender of the author. And I hope when I become published readers can read with the same open mind: for the content not the sex of the writer.

Well written article.

June Skalisky Gillam said...

Appreciate this update in the age-old (or at least since the goddesses toppled) struggle *:)

L.M. Quinn said...

I attended two mystery panels at a CA literary conference last year - one hosted by male authors and the other by female authors. When both panels were asked to recommend their favorite mystery authors the female panel provided both male and female favorites, whereas the male panel provided ONLY male authors as their favorites.