Monday, January 4, 2010

Relaunching our Blog

By Ellen Hart
Sisters In Crime, Public Relations

Sometimes I feel as if I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t written a blog. If I am the last holdout, don’t tell me. I’m already feeling a bit like a dinosaur. Did you say 2010??? Yikes!!!

I’m beginning to suspect that there might be a hierarchy of experience out there in the big wide world. First steps. First bike. First grade. First rock concert. First love. First kiss. First taste of Champagne. First reading glasses. First grandchild. First gray hair. Ah, yes, I’ve experienced them all. And now, I’ve finally clawed my way to the pinnacle of modern life--my first blog. I’m feeling very pumped, ready to take on a challenge--which is good because I’ve been tasked with the job of bringing some new energy and interest to the SinC blog.

Now, just because I’ve never written one doesn’t mean I don’t read them. There are a few blogs I read religiously--Nathan Bransford’s, for one. I love hearing about the publishing industry, about books people are reading, about the process of writing and promotion, about what’s hot and what’s not (and hopefully, why). When you sit in a room by yourself all day, as writers do, you sometimes crave what so many other people have -- a water cooler, a place to gather with other adult s to chat and chew over events and ideas of common interest. I think blogs are our modern day water coolers.

So welcome to the new, improved, one-hundred percent organic and natural, totally green, radically innovative, doctor-prescribed, wrinkle resistant, and as a bonus, potentially cholesterol reducing SinC blog!

Here’s the down and dirty--the way it’s going to work. Every Monday a new blog will be posted from a member of SinC. This is equal opportunity. If you’ve got an idea, email me and let’s kick it around, run it up the flag poll and see if it holds water. (Yes, I realize I mixed a metaphor. Glad to know you’re still with me.) Email me at I’m the one who will be delegating the Monday blogs, and you can believe I will be on the lookout for something informative, lively, and even provocative.

On Wednesday, we will post the Burning Question of the Week. I assume some questions will be more burning than others, but I’m hoping that many of you will weigh in with your thoughts. Engaging conversation is one of the true delights of life, and that’s what I’m hoping to promote here. If you have ideas for the Burning Question, again, please email me.

Our first blogger will be Robin Agnew, co-owner of Aunt Agatha’s Mystery Bookstore, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Robin is a long-time (and very vocal) supporter of women’s mysteries. The third week of the month, multi-award winning crime writer, William Kent Krueger, will be taking the internet lectern.

Please tell all your Sister’s in Crime buddies to check in every week to see what’s going on. I can’t do this alone. A water cooler with only one person standing by it is a deeply lonely place. That’s why the Official Sisters In Crime Blog needs you!

Freezing in Minnesota, I remain,

Ellen Hart


Jill Edmondson said...

I recently wrote a post to my blog in which I touted the benefits of mystery writing organizatins, including Sisters in Crime.

Have a look:

Cheers, Jill, SinC Toronto member

Sandra Parshall said...

Ellen, it's great to have someone with your energy and good ideas in charge of the SinC blog! I think you're going to make this a must-read blog for a lot of people.

Rosemary Harris said...

Sounds like fun! Sometimes it's hard to stay in touch with all my mystery community pals. Let me know if I can help (or heckle...;-)

Michele Emrath said...

Fantastic and thank you for the opening commentary. I have been wondering how official this blog was. I have already touted SinC and passed on the link!


Cleo Coyle said...

Cheers to your First Blog! I have proudly hot linked to you on the left column of my official Web site.

Happy New Year, Sister, and Happy Blogging!

~ Cleo Coyle
Cleo Coyle on Twitter

Sally said...

Such a good idea. Thanks for your gracious hosting!