Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bloody Murder: Voices from the Margins

Bloody Murder: voices from the margins took place on Saturday morning at Bouchercon 2014. During the hour, the forty-eight (mostly) mystery writers present--listed on the left hand side below--talked about (mostly) mystery authors they love, but you might not have heard of yet. The list includes everything from debut authors to authors who should have become household names during their lives, but who are under-read, under-valued or forgotten.

Here are the recommendations from what we hope was the first Bloody Murder panel. Some of them have websites or publisher’s websites, but some you will have to track down with the help of your favorite bookstore. We guarantee it’s worth your while.

Kristi Belcamino recommends Sara Gran.

Mark Billingham recommends Steve Mosby.

Terri Bischoff recommends Barbara Neely.

Allison Brennan recommends Deborah Coonts.

Carla Buckley recommends Dennis Tafoya.

Dana Cameron recommends Margaret Lawrence.

Joelle Charbonneau recommends Tracy Kiely.

Jessie Chandler recommends Amanda Kyle Williams.

Reed Farrel Coleman recommends Wallace Stroby and Peter Spiegelman.

Hilary Davidson recommends Todd Robinson.

Jamie Freveletti recommends Charlotte Carter.

Jim Fusilli recommends Penelope Fitzgerald.

Alison Gaylin recommends Lauren Sanders.

Joel Goldman recommends Barbara Neely.

Heather Graham recommends Harley Jane Kozak.

Andrew Grant recommends Charles McCarry.

Daniel Hale recommends Harry Hunsicker.

Rachel Howzell Hall recommends Paula L. Woods.

Charlaine Harris recommends Toni L. P. Kelner, Don Harstad, and Shirley Jackson.

Sara J. Henry recommends Charlotte Armstrong and Carol O'Connell.

Greg Herren recommends Sandra Scoppettone.

Ted Hertel recommends Terence Faherty.

Naomi Hirahara recommends Hisaye Yamamoto.

Linda Joffe Hull recommends John Galligan, Shannon Baker.

Toni L. P. Kelner recommends Barbara Paul and Troy Soos.

Harley Jane Kozak recommends Georgette Heyer.

Katia Lief recommends Sarah Weinman.

Elizabeth Little recommends Steph Cha.

Jess Lourey recommends Margaret Millar and Daniel Woodrell.

Alex Marwood recommends Sarah Hilary.

Catriona McPherson recommends Carolyn Wall and Eleanor Taylor Bland

Erin Mitchell recommends Carolyn Keene, Martyn Waites, and Reba White Williams

Clare O'Donohue recommends Wendy Lyn Watson aka Annie Knox

Karen E Olson recommends Mary-Ann Tirone Smith

Sara Paretsky recommends Dorothy Salisbury Davis, Eleanor Taylor Bland, Valerie Wilson Wesley, and Alison Gordon.

Ralph Pezzullo recommends Eduardo Manchado and Joe Trigoboff.

Lori Rader-Day recommends Inger Ash Wolfe aka Michael Redhill.

Lynne Raimondo recommends Joseph Hansen.

Hank Phillippi Ryan recommends Shannon Kirk.

Alex Segura recommends Steve Weddle and Kelly Braffett.

Johnny Shaw recommends Anonymous 9, Matthew McBride, and Chester Himes.

Daniel Stashower recommends Jan Marete Weiss.

Wendy Corsi Staub recommends Tom Savage.

Elaine Viets recommends Craig Rice, Jeffery Marks.

Martyn Waites recommends Bill Loehfelm.

Sarah Weinman recommends Jen Sacks.

Jeri Westerson recommends Dorothy B Hughes.

James Ziskin recommends Lynne Raimondo.

Bloody Murder: voices from the margin was an event put together for Bouchercon 2014 in response to the Men of Mystery controversy.

What overlooked and/or underappreciated authors would you suggest for others to read? Please feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments below.


Katherine Hyde said...

I have just discovered Jeanne M. Dams, writer of cozies with an older female sleuth, set mostly in a British cathedral town. Delightful characters and setting, well written, very enjoyable.

Susan Casmier said...

I recommend Louise Penny

Jenna Bennett said...

Nobody really remembers Quentin Patrick anymore. (Writing team from back in the 1930s-50s. Also wrote as Jonathan Stagge, if memory serves.) Some very good classic mysteries, but extremely hard to find these days.

Marina Sofia said...

Great list.Some real gems to add to my reading list. I also find Janet Neel's Francesca Wilson a beguiling and underrated heroine. And, from Germany, I think Friederike Schmöe deserves to be better known (and translated, that would be a start)

Funny criminal stories said...

This is great list, yes there are great gems and i will add these to my reading list.

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