Friday, August 29, 2014

September Sisters in Crime SinC-Up for Bloggers!

We are having a September Sisters in Crime SinC-Up for bloggers. To participate, write a blog post responding to one or more of these questions and, at the end of your post, link to another author who blogs and who you think your readers will want to get to know. (Letting that blogger know would be a good idea, too! They do not need to be members of Sisters in Crime to participate.)

Here are suggested questions to get you started:
  • Which authors have inspired you?
  • Which male authors write great women characters? Which female authors write great male characters?
  • If someone said "Nothing against women writers, but all of my favorite crime fiction authors happen to be men," how would you respond?
  • What's the best part of the writing process for you? What's the most challenging?
  • Do you listen to music while writing? What's on your playlist?
  • What books are on your nightstand right now?
  • If you were to mentor a new writer, what would you tell her about the writing business?

For more details, instructions and contact information, visit

We all hope to learn something new about writers who are our current favorites and get leads for our next new favorite! As the blog hop grows, we will add links to the blogs of participating bloggers here, and you can follow it on twitter at #SinCBlogHop.

  • Kicking it off, our own VP Catriona McPherson, on
  • And now, we hear from our own Monitoring Coordinator, Barbara Fister, on
  • Cari Dubiel, our library liaison, addresses the most challenging part of the writing process for her as well as gives us a pretty long "nightstand" list,
  • Lisa Brackmann also discusses her writing process, and then challenges her companion bloggers at Murder Is Everywhere,
  • Linda Townsdin weighs in here and we love her advice to new writers,
  • Keep on Writing! words from author Robin Murphy, 
  • Susan Oleksiw tells #writers in our #SinCBlogHop to continue to seek advice and support when stuck,
  • Insights and #writing truths in @rhebrewster #SinCBlogHop: "Losing yourself in your writing is exhilarating!" 
  • What's on her playlist when writing? @LaurieStevens1 answers the #SinCBlogHop,
  • Penny Clover Peterson (@DandRMysteries) reveals who got her #writing career started in the #SinCBlogHop,
  • Laurie Bain Wilson (@laurieheather) writes of the challenges of the writing process in the #SinCBlogHop,
  • Rona Gindin (@RonaRecommends) joins #SinCBlogHop on writing process, "It hurts. Except when it’s a total trip."
  • Connie Johnson Hambley joins #SinCBlogHop: "Network. Listen. Write. Tweet. Speak. Like. Pin..." @ConnieHambley
  • Nancy J. Cohen takes on 3 questions of the #SinCBlogHop,
  • #SinCBlogHop from @MeredithCole: What's my favorite part of #writing? Whatever part I'm not doing!
  • Heather Weidner (@CrazyForWords13) joins #SincBlogHop with My Two Cents about Writing for #new #writers,
  • Maggie King (@MaggieKingAuthr) tells us what books are on her nightstand,
  • MaryAnn Miller (@maryannwrites) joins our #SincBlogHop, answers 4 of the questions noting "the creative highway is such a blast",
  • Sharon Linnea (@SharonLinnea) joins #SincBlogHop: DON'T KILL THE DOG and 14 Other Unwritten Rules of Fiction Writing, 
  • Dale Phillips (@DalePhillips2) in the #SinCBlogHop, thoughtful answers about authors that write great male and female characters,  
  • Karen Rigley captures the best part of writing for her,
  • Connie Archer overcomes her hesitation to spill "the underwear drawer out on the web" and tells us what on her nightstand,
  • Edith Maxwell at the other bloggers at the Wicked Cozy Authors blog chime in on the topic of men writing women and women writing men,
  • Tina Whittle writes of books and backbeats at her blog, The Fiction Files,
  • Type M for Murder blogger @FrankieYBailey joins the #SinCBlogHop with what's on her nightstand?
  • #SinCBlogHop from Sandra de Helen @dehelen answers what's on your nightstand?
  • Judy Hogan tackled 7 of the questions! Really like her great response to misguided readers who claim to only read male authors. "You don't know what you're missing."
  • Carolyn Mulford's #SinCBlogHop: The Fun Starts Before the Writing Begins,
  • Maya Corrigan @mayacorrigan joins #SinCBlogHop with Writing While I Sleep,
  • Librarian Thea Green takes over for Molly MacRae in the #SinCBlogHop Who Knows What Books Lurk on an Author's Nightstand,
  • Susan Spann @SusanSpann: Here's my entry in the #SinCBlogHop: seahorses, series, and Sisters in Crime!
  • B.V. Lawson @BVLawson: Today on IRTM, I join the #SinCBlogHop and wonder: can authors write opposite-gender POV well?
  • Art Taylor @ArtTaylorWriter: Taking part in the #SinCBlogHop with the music question--plus my best research story!
  • S.K. Nicholls @sknicholls1 answers three of the #SinCBlogHop questions and highlights some Florida authors,
  • Sue Coletta @SueColetta1 joins #SinCBlogHop, and EXTRA points, she answered ALL the questions!
  • Mary Sutton @mary_sutton73: For #SinCBlogHop, I share my favorite part of the writing process,
  • Terry Odell (@authorterryo) for the #SinCBlogHop tackles what music she listens to when #writing,
  • Kalisha Buckhanon @KalishaOnline is in the #SinCBlogHop! Tackles the question -- What books are on my nightstand?
  • E.M. Powell (@empowellauthor) for the #SinCBlogHop on why women's #crime #fiction is the best!
  • K.A. Laity (@katelaity) for the #SinCBlogHop on Writing to Music and a call to join the hop!
  • MT for the #SinCBlogHop @HASomerled says: Find out my musical inspiration and meet new authors
  • Edith Maxwell at Wicked Cozies (@WickedCozys) bring us thoughts from Julie, Barb, Sherry, Jessie (and Edith herself!) for a new #SincBlogHop: Our writing loves & challenges.
  • Carol Preflatish (@CarolPreflatish) for the #SinCBlogHop has joined the fun! See how she writes and who her favorite author is.
  • Bob Byrd has hippity-hopped over to our #SinCBlogHop to answer ALL the questions,
  • Susanna Caulkins for the #SinCBlogHop, "I don't read books about women", well, you're missing out on THESE authors!,
  • Shari Randall for the #SinCBlogHop on what's on her nightstand,
  • John Howell (@HowellWave) hits all the questions in the #SinCBlopHop,
  • Marianne Bailey (@marieannbailey) replies "You haven't been reading enough,"
  • "Don’t ever give up." advises author @BarbCaffrey part of her #SinCBlogHop,
  • For the #SinCBlogHop. @kathymcwrite: What to say when someone tells you their favorite crime writers are men?
  • Can women write crime? Jessie Powell (@jesterqueen) gives a robust YES as part of the  #SinCBlogHop!
  • Kimberly G. Giarratano (@KGGiarratano) offers her advice for a new writer #SinCBlogHop
  • Elizabeth Buhmann (@ElizabetBuhmann) for the #SinCBlogHop: What authors influenced you? Getting close to murder.
  • Kathy Waller blogs about her inspiration - Lynna Williams - for the #SinCBlogHop,
  • Author Maris Soule (@marisSouthHaven) gives good advice to new writers,
  • Lora Lee @Author_Lora_Lee has a fab list of inspiring authors for the #SinCBlogHop, 
  • Paul D. Marks (@PaulDMarks) reveals what he's reading for the #SinCBlogHop,, thx again to @7CriminalMinds! 
  • Judith Starkston (@JudithStarkston) on the authors who inspired her and advice for writers,
  • Donna Gough says the best part of the writing process, "I am still learning," #SinCBlogHop,
  • Dora Machado (@DoraMachado) in the #SinCBlogHop writes about inspiration, the writing process and advice for new writers,  
  • D.R. Ransdell (@dr_ransdell) tackles the readers preference for male over female writers question for the #SinCBlogHop,
  • Nancy Adams (@Nancy_Adams_) gives us and the Guppies chapter a big shout-out for the #SinCBlogHop,


Peg Brantley said...

Sheila Lowe will be tagging me. I have absolutely no idea what either one of us will be talking about, but it's bound to be entertaining and noteworthy. 'cause that's how we roll.

H. A. Somerled said...

Hello fellow Sisters,
I'm pretty new to the group and would like to know if anyone would be willing to tag me and I'll gladly do the same.

Nancy Adams said...

I had already decided to write a Sept. post on Sisters in Crime when I got the newsletter info about the blog hop. Great minds think alike! I'm planning to post Sept. 25 and have contacted a fellow Sister to tag. Great idea!

Paty Jager said...

H.A. Somerled, I'm new to the group too. How about we tag each other? contact me at

Sarah Glass said...

If you want to tag someone, call or email them so that they know they are tagged and can participate!

If you are on twitter, please use #SinCBlogHop so that I see the new post!

Doing my best to keep up with it all! Wow!

E.M. Powell said...

Hi, Sisters! I'm looking for a tag partner too. Please e-mail me at elaine (at) empowell (dot) com if you're interested. Thanks!

Rolynn Anderson said...

I joined the group today...H.A. Somerled, why don't we tag each do we do that?

Rolynn Anderson said...

Oops, I see that who is also new, tagged H.A.Somerlad. I know Paty! Let's all three talk...I'm at Rolynn

Rolynn Anderson said...

Oops, I see that who is also new, tagged H.A.Somerlad. I know Paty! Let's all three talk...I'm at Rolynn

Anonymous said...

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