Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Song of Sisters in Crime

Did you know that Sisters in Crime has its own song?

In September of 2006 (Sisters in Crime's 20th anniversary year), newly-installed president Rochelle Krich celebrated with goddesses (that is, our past-presidents) Nancy Pickard, Margaret Maron, Carolyn Hart, Eve Sandstrom, Sue Henry, Kate Flora, and Libby Hellmann and their guests. The evening closed with a performance by Parnell Hall with a song he'd written for the occasion.

To hear him perform the song, go to his website and click on "Sisters in Crime Song" which you will see listed on the left. We've updated the song to reflect 26 years of our organization.

SISTERS IN CRIME by Parnell Hall

Twenty-six years ago
On a dark and stormy night
Some feisty woman authors
Were itching for a fight
They said, "How come it's just the guys
Having a good time?"
They went out and founded
Sisters in Crime

Sisters in Crime, boys,
Sisters in Crime
You show me your gun
I'll show you mine
They have car chases
Stop on a dime
Just like the guys do
Sisters in Crime

It started small
Nothing much to see
All that they wanted
Was parity
Parity schmarity
In next to no time
Who's in the forefront
Sisters in Crime

Women succeeded
In nothing flat
How did the fellas
Feel about that?
I've got the answer
Here in this rhyme
Brothers are joining
Sisters in Crime

So gather round
And lets give three cheers
Now that we've lasted
For twenty-six years
Twenty-six years is nothing
It's next to no time
We're just getting started
Sisters in Crime

Now and forever
Sisters in Crime

©2006 Parnell Hall

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