Friday, March 9, 2012

Librarians and Booksellers Solve Mysteries Every Day

Sisters in Crime board member Jim Huang reports that there’s been a great deal of author member interest in SinC’s first “Booksellers and Librarians Solve Mysteries Every Day” celebration scheduled for Saturday, April 21, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., local time.

The festivities went global rapidly. The first offer of participation came from a SinC member in Hawaii. Not long afterward, a member planning to be in Paris on April 21 offered to find a spot at a bookstore or library in the City of Light.

Earlier this week, SinC members received an email message from Jim announcing that Sisters in Crime will celebrate 25 years of working with librarians and booksellers in support of women writing crime fiction with a special one-day in-store, in-library event. To participate in the “Solving Mysteries Every Day” celebration on April 21, SinC authors will shadow a librarian or bookseller for six hours to learn exactly how they solve mysteries daily. As a volunteer in the stacks, on the floor and behind the scenes, the members will do whatever a manager asks of the regular staff—shelving, bagging, sweeping, assisting patrons, pulling holds, making recommendations, taking out the trash, checking in returned books, etc.

To spread the word about the way booksellers and librarians serve their communities and assist readers, the participating members will be tweeting and posting messages to blogs and to Facebook about their experiences—before, during (especially) and after the event. This is SinC’s chance to shine a bit of a spotlight on these hardworking—and often unsung—heroes and heroines of our communities.

The goal is to cover as many locations as possible, with one SinC member author at each location.

The participation process was outlined in the email sent to members this week. Specific questions about the process should be directed to Jim Huang at jim[at]

Sisters in Crime has set up an event-specific website at, featuring additional program details. The site is sparse at the moment, but will be built up with answers to questions that come our way. We’re also setting up a Facebook event page, a Twitter hashtag and other forms of virtual and social media to spread the word about the event.

The celebration begins at 10:00 a.m. on April 21.

Librarians solve mysteries every day.

Booksellers solve mysteries every day.

Let’s thank them for their efforts!

So, tell us, where will you be on April 21?

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