Friday, April 8, 2011

Anthony Awards Push: It's Time to Send In Your Ballot!

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Well, everybody, the 2011 Anthony Awards nomination process is in its second month, and will soon be ending (April 30). There are only a few weeks left to fill out your ballots and get them in. Ballots that arrive after the end of the month will not be counted. We sent out over 1500 ballots, but have received only about 10% of them back.

The breadth and quality of the books, short stories, websites and blogs we've received so far is greater than we expected. We're getting a lot of nice recommendations for our personal TBR piles. In the Best Novel category alone, there are already over 150 books, but there is no clear runaway novel yet nominated, so don’t feel that the nominations can be complete without your input. Every vote counts -- and there are many possible nominations that may stand or fall on the basis of one vote. Yours. So dig out those ballots, fill them in, and send them to us.

Don’t hesitate because you’ve only read one or two books published in 2010, or because you don’t have five nominations in every category. Everybody is in that same boat. We’ve received lots of single nominations in each or even only a few categories. Many are skipped. If you don’t know the publisher, don’t worry about it. We’ll figure it out once we have the top five in each category.

Perhaps you don’t read graphic novels? That’s OK, nominate the books you DO read. Nominate the website you habituate when trying to find a good suggestion for the next read. In short, let us know what turns you on in some or all of the categories. (But we could really use some more nominations in the Graphic Novels category).

And if you’re in England, or Australia, or Canada, or somewhere else outside the US, and don’t want to put an airmail stamp on the envelope we provided you, that’s OK, too.

Send us your nominations via email to It’s free. We received quite a few ballots that way. You don’t have to scan the ballot, just list the nominations in the appropriate category, and be precise.

This is a fan-based award, and the more fans that send in their nominations, the more the Awards reflect the fans' opinion. You’ve already spent a good bit of money attending the last Bouchercon, and/or the next, so take a few minutes and tell us which of those books from authors you met in San Francisco, or your local book store, or online, you really enjoyed in 2010.

We look forward to hearing from the rest of you.

Jon Jordan, Bouchercon 2011 Host
John Purcell, Anthony Awards Chair

Jon Jordan
is the publisher of
Crimespree Magazine and the host of Bouchercon 2011. In the coming months, he will be "Blogging Bouchercon" on the SinC blog. For more information on Bouchercon, see

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Sandra Parshall said...

I've heard people say they never bother with the nominations forms because they can't fill out every category. But you don't have to fill every line on the ballot! I always feel a little guilty when I leave a category blank (I know nothing about graphic novels or children's mysteries), but I do return my form, filled out as fully as I can. No one should pass up the chance to be part of the process. 2010 was a fabulous year for mysteries. Can't wait to see which are nominated!