Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Scoop: The Listserv Q & A on the Mystery Buyer Study

Yesterday afternoon, the Sisters in Crime listserv hosted an “Ask the Experts” question-and-answer session on the SinC mystery buyer survey conducted by Bowker’s PubTrack division.

The featured guests for this online event were James Howitt, Director of Publisher Solutions at Bowker, Carl Kulo, Bowker’s head of research, and SinC member Triss Stein, the SinC coordinator for the study.

The far-ranging discussion touched on the two major mystery-reading audience segments (matures/Boomers and Gen X/Gen Y), whether it’s possible to predict the future of the mystery genre, the reading selections of varying age groups, the digital market and its effect on book purchases, and the possibility of drilling for information on subgenres. Also discussed were the makeup of the pool of survey respondents, the definition of the geographic regions identified in the study, and efforts to test book cover images.

The ebook debate continued with a consideration of the demographics of ebook readers, some preliminary statistics on holiday ebook reader sales and their corresponding effect on future ebook purchases, the book cover and the ebook, and the audience most likely to be comfortable with ebooks and ebook readers.

The Jan. 18 “Ask the Experts” session on “The Mystery Book Consumer in the Digital Age” can be found on the SinC listserv in messages #22152 through #22191. As with the Mentor Monday sessions, the event will be archived on the listserv for future access.

Sisters in Crime members not currently registered to participate in the members-only email listserv may sign up to do so by following the directions on the SinC website at this link.


Barbara said...

That was a fantastic conversation! One of the things I appreciate about these online day-long meetings of the minds is that I'm not left out at work; when I have a moment, I can pop in and see what's going on and catch up and maybe toss out a question of my own. And when it's over, I can go back and reread the whole thing. Kudos to those who organize these events! They are well worth the price of SinC membership.

Anonymous said...

I _really_ enjoyed this conversation!

-Theresa de Valence