Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's the deal . . .?

For some reason, authors (and it seems like mystery authors in particular) LOVE chocolate?  Why do you think that is?  And how about you?  What's your favorite form of chocolate love?


Joyce said...

A better question for me would be what kind of chocolate DON'T I like!

I'm not real crazy about dark chocolate unless it's on a peppermint patty, but if it was the only kind around, I'd be willing to make the sacrifice and eat it.

Julie said...

I am so pedestrian. I like good chocolate, but give me a Hershey kiss and I'm a happy woman. And I like white chocolate...with Joyce on the dark chocolate.

Sheila Connolly said...

I am allergic to chocolate--it makes me sneeze. Seriously.

My daughter may also be allergic. When I was pregnant with her I switched from high-test coffee to hot chocolate (okay, yes, there's still caffeine in there), and every time, she would get hiccups in utero. A very odd feeling.

Still, there's one independent candy store I visit regularly just to inhale--it's amazing (and I was there yesterday).

Dana Stabenow said...



Janet McCord said...

A very good creamy milk chocolate with almonds. Or caramel. Or almonds and caramel. Or raisins. Oh dear, I'm getting very hungry! Dark chocolate only in chocolate chip cookies! White chocolate--is that really chocolate?? Or, wait, with coconut in Mounds or Almond Joy (almonds again) Or peanut M&Ms...Oh, and one other thing before I go downstairs and raid the cupboard: I had to have a mocha cake with mocha icing for my birthday this year. Nothing better than chocolate and coffee together!

Cathy R said...

What a nice photo! I'll take one or two.

Saw this today just after filling out the form to join Sisters in Crime then reading the post on railroad barons, in that order.

Looking forward to more good food for thought--with dessert as well.

Msmstry said...

I'm on a Trader Joe's kick right now—and also on a diet. What else is new? Because I have a huge sweet tooth, and chocolate is my sweet of choice, I've been limiting myself to two small blocks of Trader Joe's bittersweet chocolate with almonds with a big glass of low-fat milk twice a day.

And, yes, I've lost about 5 pounds, thank you kindly for your support!


Barbara E. said...

Haven't et a lot of chocolate I don't like, though a few are bland. Chocolate should not be bland! Current fav: dark choc-covered ginger.