Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday's Burning Question

Ellen Hart writes:

Some people think writer's block is an illusion.  I don't agree.  I think it's easy to get stumped when writing a novel.  You may move past your original idea and have nowhere to go.  If you outline and you make an unscheduled detour, perhaps for the best of reasons, you're suddenly dumped into uncharted territory.  And then what?  Add a deadline to the mix and a writer can easily feel as if she's writing with a gun to her

Thus, today's Burning Question is:

Have you ever been seriously blocked on a book, and if so, what did you do to work your way out of it?


Patricia Haddock said...

I have had writer's block--usually when I don't want to work on something or I've taken a wrong turn in something and written myself into a corner.

I put it away, do something else, and poke at the material from different directions until something clicks. P
Patricia Haddock

The Editor Devil said...

Writer's block is often misdiagnosed. But there are also different types (i mentioned a few and cures on my blog:

Seperation is a good idea usual, to which one should add relaxation and/or physical distraction, like gardening or exercise.

For me, I just move to another writing project or my fav, RESEARCH, till I'm ready to return to the MS.
Thanks! The Editor Devil

Anonymous said...

This happened to me recently where my MC was put in a predicament I couldn't write her way out. So I put the WIP away for a little while and worked on revising another one. I guess the subconcious mind was working on it because I pulled it out this morning and the cobwebs cleared and she's now moving off in other directions.