Monday, April 12, 2010

The Doings of Breaking and Entering

By L.C. Hayden

Never in my wild dreams did I ever think that Sisters in Crime would ask me to compile the next edition of Breaking and Entering. I eagerly accepted.

I studied the two previous editions, the first one compiled by Jan Burke and the second one by Denise Swanson. Then I spent two sleepless nights wrestling with various ideas before deciding to have three sections: The first would deal with pre-writing concerns. How do you get organized? What tidbits of knowledge will help the will-be author’s writing career? What decisions should be made?

The second section would deal with decisions encountered after the work is completed. Do you need an agent? What are the publication options? How do you get your name out there? What are some of the things you shouldn’t do?

The last section would focus on the writer’s career.

The response from Sisters to submit was generous. Kelly Nichols (half of the P.J. Parrish team) agreed to design a knock-out gorgeous cover (actually, three covers for us to choose from). In the midst of promotional work for releases of two of my books this spring and dealing with a serious computer crash, I made it through the last-minute editorial changes authors wanted to make on their articles and the editorial committee’s changes.

With my computer finally fixed and B&E in print, I can let out a great big yahoo (—hey, that’s allowed. I’m a Texas gal.)

It’s now April 12—the official release date for Breaking and Entering: The Road to Success—and my heart swells with pride. As with any project, this is the effort of many people, but I would like to specifically thank my two right-hand ladies for their tremendous help and advice, Marcia Talley (who spent days formatting it for upload) and Cathy Pickens, along with the rest of the Sisters in Crime board.

For those attending Malice Domestic, we’ve got great news. The trade paperback edition will be available to members only for the special introductory Malice Domestic price of $10.

The trade paperback edition is also available at Click on members and look for Publications on the drop down menu. Cost is only $11.99 plus shipping. An electronic version is also available for only $1.99.

L. C. Hayden is the author of the popular Harry Bronson series. Her newest release is When Death Intervenes. Her previous Bronson mystery, Why Casey Had to Die, was an Agatha Finalist for Best Novel, received the Best of the Best Award, and was a Pennsylvania Top 40 Pick.  Hayden is also a popular speaker. She presents workshops, speaks to clubs, and major cruise lines have hired her to speak about writing while cruising all over the world. From October 2006 to October 2007, Hayden hosted Mystery Writers of America’s only talk show, Murder Must Air.


Marcia Talley said...

Elsie, you did a FANTASTIC job! Everybody's gonna love 'em. Boxes of the books are sitting in my dining room, BTW, ready to make the trip to the Malice Domestic Conference in a couple of weeks. Let's hope we sell out so Beth won't have to haul them all back to Kansas with her!

L. C. Hayden said...

Thanks, Marcia, for the nice comment. I agree with you. The books are fantastic--but that's because of everyone's efforts including all the contributors.
Hey, folks, let's make Beth happy and get those books at Malice. We know what's it's like to carry all those back--and we don't want to do that to Beth.

Joyce said...

Elsie (and everyone involved), thanks for giving me the opportunity to contribute an article to this venture. It's a real hoot to see my name on the cover!

Since I won't get to Malice, I ordered my copy yesterday. I hope to see some of you at the Festival of Mystery.

Marcia Talley said...

Hey, Joyce, I'll be at the Festival of Mystery. See you there.