Monday, June 2, 2008

A Light-hearted Look at the Publishers Summit

by Judy Clemens

While the Publishers Summit taught me an awful lot about the publishing industry, and our little group got to meet and talk with some amazing people we couldn't get within a block of on a normal day, I learned a lot more from our two days in New York than just the business stuff. Roberta, Jim, and Nancy were fantastic company -- I would recommend them as traveling partners to anyone -- and I learned a lot of fascinating things about them. Interesting tidbits, like:

...Huang is the most used family name in the world, so Jim is not necessarily related to the owners of every store with Huang on the storefront.

...Sometimes Nancy needs a little extra encouragement to walk right on past those bag displays on the sidewalk.

...Roberta has the same problem with shoe stores.

I also picked up some pointers about New York City (it had been years since I'd last visited), and about the process of the Summit as an event. Here are my Top Ten Notes to Self to remember when scheduling next year's summit:

10. Sometimes the subway kiosks just don't want to let you through. Be prepared to buy an extra ticket when the gates simply won't open.

9. When a woman comes up to you asking, "You want to make purchase?" it's best to Just Say No.

8. NYC folks are actually a lot nicer than they're cracked up to be. Most of the time.

7. Wear a pedometer, and make inquiries to see if your health insurance will give you a discount for such healthy living.

6. Some restaurants in Chinatown are better than others.

5. Make sure to have a photo ID, an air of confidence, and someone in your group who's not afraid to talk to security guards in each and every building you enter.

4. What looks like two blocks on your laminated NYC map can actually turn out to be more like, say, TEN.

3. Sometimes it's just better not to use the store's bathroom.

2. Wear shoes that don't make your feet cramp, your heels hurt, or your toes bleed. In other words...casual is better than painful. Number One Note to Self...

Always, ALWAYS take a Carmel Car to and from LaGuardia instead of a Yellow Cab. This will ensure the occupant does not turn green and threaten to barf on the car's interior...or on her fellow passenger. (Sorry, Nancy!)

In all seriousness, our team felt privileged and honored to represent SinC in New York with all of the people we visited. In the coming months you will see more fruits of our efforts through newsletter articles, blogs, and Mentor Mondays on the listserv. Don't be surprised, either, to see SinC taking a more active role in conversations with publishing insiders, and making forays into new areas. Our summit team and the SinC board are here to serve our members to the best of our ability, and we will continue to do that however we are able.

We hope you found last week's blogs to be educational, interesting, and motivational. If you have suggestions of people we should talk to at our next summit, we are always open to suggestions.

Respectfully submitted,
Judy Clemens

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