Friday, March 19, 2010

Do you know what your sales are?

One of the perks of belonging to Sisters In Crime is access to Publisher Alley (part of Baker & Taylor).  What's that?  A way to find a portion of your book's sales.

Baker & Taylor is the world's largest book and entertainment distributor. They work with publishers to provide their book product to all markets including retail stores, libraries, and Internet retailers.

Publisher Alley allows subscribers to see what titles bookstores, libraries, and web shoppers are buying on a daily basis. 

Book sales data serves several needs:

o Easily produce market research for book proposals, based on sales of comparable titles. Approach the right publishers for each project.

o Evaluate the potential of projects for self-publication: learn what sells in which markets, and at what price points.

o Locate expert authors as sources for newspaper or magazine stories, or identify trends related to world events.

To learn more about Publisher Alley, please visit their 5-minute flash demonstration at

To sign up for this service, click here.

And remember:  knowledge = power.

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Sheila Connolly said...

I do use Publishers Alley, and it's nice to have access to the Baker & Taylor information. But can anyone tell me what percentage or total sales the PubAlley numbers represent?